About me

👋 Hi! I'm Felix, a 19-year-old maker and developer.

I'm a german freelance full-stack webdeveloper working with Laravel, Livewire, TailwindCSS, Alpine.js, Vue.js and Inertia.js.

Currently I'm building TransferLink, a privacy friendly, easy to use file sharing tool without any ads or trackers for even the biggest files on your machines.

I've build Timey, the time tracking tool straight out of your dreams. Privacy friendly as all data stays on your machine and no annoying monthly subscription on top of it. And of course, a more that beautiful and intuitive design.

Before that, I built and sold the Ploi Migrator, a online tool which makes migrating your servers, sites, their files and databases as easy as possible. And not to forget, I'm also the guy who built the ploi-cli. It's an open-source command line interface for a server provisioning provider called Ploi.

If you have a cool project in mind, need some consulting or have any questions, use the button below and feel free to reach out to me. Otherwise you can take a look at all my projects or read my latest articles. On Twitter I try to actively share what I'm working on.

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Once in a while I send an email with some project updates, article drafts or other cool stuff. I won’t share your email and I won’t let your inbox overflow. Promised.

Reliable freelancers are rare - fortunately, in Felix we have found someone who is not only available at all times , but also delivers high-quality and punctual work . As a digital agency, this is of the utmost importance to us when working with freelancers, and we are happy to be able to develop first-class products with Felix on a regular basis.